CABAÑA BUENAVISTA has a very exotic architecture in an idyllic scenario. The great trunk of an 15­metres­high american sequoia is the base of the conical structure. The room has 400 square metres architectonically opened.

The columns of the structure were brought from the ancient quay of Cartagena, after being remodeled at the beginning of the XXIst Century.

The roof is composed by thousands of reed bouquets, handly sewed up, chosen and selected by the businessman Jesús Cobarro.

The access to Cabaña Buenavista is a promenade, marked out by two lines of 50 palms, a promenade that crosses a garden of more than 12000 square metres.

The door, more than 4 metres high, was part of an ancient Andalusian farmhouse in the XVIIIrd Century and is the entrance that leads the way to Cabaña Buenavista Restaurant.