Pablo González Conejero
Bodega Cabaña Buenavista

Years ago, talking about wine meant talking about wine –making regions noted for their weather conditions and traditional wine­making processes.

Nowadays, with the modernization of wine­making techniques and a generation of new experts on wine who are well trained in all aspects of wine around the world, there is a need to talk about the producers and the system of wine­making that produce various types of wine.

They have abandoned techniques of mass cultivation and use of chemical products and have returned to sustainable agricultural techniques in order to respect the environment and the production of high quality wine through the vines themselves – not just in the wine cellars.

In this sustainable agriculture, we can find a great variety of singular and different wines, that tell us their story and the story of the grower: climate, terroir, ratio and every single factor that determines wine personality through each vintage, making it unique and different from the others. This is our little selection of stories; grapes and people stories…